Westwood Elementary was one of several campuses the District developed in a round building typology.  The expansion of a campus such as this is complicated due to the closed circular geometry.  This master plan breaks the circular mold to create a new planning concept for the District’s circular campuses allowing expansion and renovation with a cohesive appearance.

Many of the campus facilities have been re-purposed to better accommodate the school’s educational programs and the need for site security and community access.  This master plan concept allows for future expansion without encroaching on existing program areas.

The end result is a solution tailored to the District’s needs, specific site requirements and that fits within and enhances the context of the Westwood community.


Location: San Diego, California

District: Poway Unified School District

Size: 66,000 SF, 9.5 Acre Site

Cost: $17.2 M

Completion: 2006

Awards: Honor Award, Coalition for Adequate School Housing (CASH Award of Honor 2007)