Located in the East Village and Downtown San Diego, this new charter high school is designed to meet the growing demand for resources to engage in design thinking, educate students to become creative innovators and provide a center for higher education, corporations, and government agencies to interact and address complex problems associated with urban settings. At its core, design thinking is fundamentally user-centric, creative problem solving that  focuses on identifying the needs of stakeholders through contextual empathy building and evidence-based research.

The campus is designed to support 600 high school students in a creative and collaborative design-based environment. In addition to academic and administrative spaces, the campus includes maker space, art studio, science labs, flexible performance assembly space, learning commons, student café, and an innovative Design Lab for collaborative joint activities with higher education.


Location: San Diego, California

District: Urban Discovery Schools

Size: 23,000 SF

Cost: $12.7 M

Completion: 2023