The Stadium and Field House at the Menifee Valley Campus Will be the centerpiece of this growing campus.

The planning was organized through a series of collaborative programming sessions that consisted of the Athletic Department representatives, District staff, and other key decision makers.

The planning team strategically decided upon several success factors for the project, including that it establish architectural unity with the existing campus, that the facility become the campus center and  that a sense of place be created in keeping with the campus master plan and long term growth goals for the campus.

The design is based on the traditional concept of a field house building.  Advantage is taken of the area beneath the concrete bleachers to house two floors of athletic facilities. The resulting Architecture creates a façade that fronts the new campus center, forming that space and presenting a aesthetic dichotomy between the field facing bleacher seating and the campus-facing building elements

The stadium will seat approximately 5000 visitors. 4000 seats on the field house (home) side and 1000 for the visitors.  The field house contains PE locker facilities and Football locker facilities at the ground level. A second floor contains a 5000SF fitness room, classroom facilities and faculty offices.  A press box at the top of the bleachers provides facilities for Home, Visitor and Announcer Suites. A large concourse is provided adjacent to the press box areas for box-seating style use or other social events.

The field area is designed specifically for football, soccer and field sports. A modest, two-lane jogging track is provided as a surround to the field.

The field house will be the largest building on campus and its position at the campus center forms a campus center that did not exist before by the creation of a plaza area at the confluence of the tow primary circulation axes on the campus.


Location: Menifee, California

District: Mt. San Jacinto Community College District

Size: 30,000 SF

Cost: $42M

Completion: 2022

Public Courtyard
Weights and Exercise Rooms
Team and Locker Rooms
Team and Locker Rooms
Field Entrance
Press Box
Shade Structure