The scope assessment of the campus, originally built in 1960, revealed the need for a comprehensive master plan to address numerous areas of need within the campus:

  • Expansion to accommodate the campus conversion from K-5 to K-8 and the program areas to support the language emersion program.
  • Upgrade campus security to create a single point of controlled entry.
  • Modernization of existing facilities for compliance with codes, District Standards and educational adequacy.
  • Resolve traffic, drop-off, and parking shortfalls.
  • Develop a strategy to conceal all existing rooftop HVAC equipment and ductwork that was added during recent air conditioning upgrades.

The resulting campus plan includes a new administration building located to provide improved campus security as well as needed support functions, expanded food services, expanded kindergarten capacity with new CR and renovation of existing, New 2-story classroom building with open student collaboration spaces, New PE locker building for upper grade students and the renovation and replanning of all remaining classroom and support buildings and site improvements.

The program did not envision additional PE gym facilities due to budget limits so an outdoor covered sports pavilion was developed to provide sheltered PE activities.

The concealment of rooftop HVAC equipment created a unique challenge due to the lack of available roof area to provide adequately screening without triggering a complete seismic upgrade of all existing buildings. To mitigate this, BNds designed a free-standing full height screening structure that is fully independent of the buildings but provides the visual screening needed to conceal all existing rooftop equipment. This visual screen element became the primary design element transforming the look of the entire campus.


Location: San Diego, California

District: San Diego Unified School District

Size: 47,800 SF – New;  45,400 SF – Modernization

Cost: $53.8 M

Completion: 2023

New Administration Building
Kinder Expansion/Modernization
New Classroom Building
Existing Artifical Turf Fields
New Lunch Shelter
Modernized Kitchen
Modernized Special Education
New Screens to Conceal Rooftop HVAC
New Locker Room Building
Covered Sports Pavillion
Campus Commons
New Parent Drop Off