The scope assessment of the campus, originally built in 1961, revealed the need for a comprehensive master plan to address three areas of need within the campus:

  • Expansion to accommodate projected enrollment growth and addition of 6th grade to the campus.
  • Expansion and up-grades to facilitate changes due to the Madison Cluster Realignment and the conversion of the campus from its original elementary school design to its current and future use as a 6-8 middle school.
  • Modernization of existing facilities for compliance with codes, District Standards and educational adequacy.

The results and recommendations of this assessment are intended to provide a long-term planning solution for the campus. To achieve this goal, all existing portable buildings will be replaced with a new 2-story classroom building that includes new PE locker facilities, administration/counseling areas and
student services. Existing permanent buildings will be modernized with up-graded building systems for electrical, lighting, security, life safety, and air conditioning.
To advance the educational environment, new student collaboration areas will be included in the new building to facilitate integrated and collaborative learning opportunities.


Location: San Diego, California

District: San Diego Unified School District

Size: 21,400 SF – New, 21,700 SF – Modernization

Cost: $22M

Completion: 2018