Six Phases in total, the transformation and expansion of this comprehensive high school campus now provides the latest in educational offerings in a modern campus setting. While respecting the historic campus design, old buildings were renovated and new buildings added in such a way as to maintain a consistent campus appearance.

Working on an occupied campus, the latest projects include new construction of a music  and athletic building, an auxiliary gymnasium and a learning center. Also included were modernization of administration, food services, auto shop and agricultural classrooms and the renovation of the track and field.

As-built conditions of this 45-year old campus created challenges during construction as is typical for this type of project. Working closely with the various contractors over the life of this 10-year, multi-phase transformation, issues were uncovered, mitigated and coordinated with excellent final results. Ongoing collaboration by all participants was a hallmark of this project’s success.


Location: Escondido, California

District: Escondido High School District

Size: 135,000 SF

Cost: $48.3 M

Completion: 2011