Collaborative: \kəˈlab(ə)rədiv\ adjective
: produced or conducted by two or more parties working together.

What is collaboration? We believe collaboration is something much deeper and richer than simple group participation. We believe that through collaboration our teams can exponentially surpass the value of the “sum of our participants.” We believe that you never know where the best idea will come from, and that it requires no degree, license, or specialization to seek out excellence. We value that all project stakeholders bring their complex and diverse backgrounds and perspectives to our process. Everyone helps to enrich the planning process by sharing their own expertise and experiences. We find that architects who listen well to these experts can discover and translate ideas and concepts that cannot be achieved in a vacuum – that the dreams of the community create the most brilliant learning environments. With our experienced design leadership, we engage through respectful listening and true collaboration to allow innovative ideas to rise out of the design process.

Below are some writings and posts we’ve created that shed a little light about our firm’s approach to collaboration. Enjoy.

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