Monthly Lunch!

At BakerNowicki, we love sharing a good meal with one another. Once each month, our Partnership tries to celebrate our team’s hard work with Lunch. Kelley and our administrative team frequently “outdo” themselves each time and find the office a wide ranger of often culturally excellent culinary experiences. This week’s experience was a taste from the Dominican Republic, with food from the Tropical Savor Bar and Grill. Elinson, the owner, even came to share the background of the numerous dishes and helped us pick some music for the meal. Together, we ignored the uncharacteristically drab San Diego weather  and found our island of sunshine through food, music and community.

If you’d like to give the food a try yourself, they are located downtown in the Gaslamp at 729 Fourth Ave:
Phone: (619) 228-9385

We highly recommend it!

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