BakerNowicki Design Studio is committed to the design of sustainable and energy efficient environments. In California, all of our projects have been designed to exceed State mandated Title 24 performance criteria, in some cases up to 40%.  We use high performance and sustainable design strategies that employ simple yet effective approaches to minimize environmental impacts, reduce operating costs, and maximize healthy environments. Traditionally, the decision-making process has been based on an impact to quality, schedule and cost components. Our focus on sustainable design means our decisions also include impacts to human comfort, energy efficiency, and lifecycle costs.

To better understand the cornerstones of the decision model, we introduce our clients to the benefits of sustainable planning and the criteria that ultimately measures the success of a green building design. The entire project team including the District, design team, users and facility operators will collaborate to establish sustainability goals for the project.


We believe that careful planning and foresight at the earliest stages of a project will lead to cost savings and optimum performance of the completed project. An efficient and sustainable project is sensitive to climate, daylight and natural resources of a specific site. It is also efficient in its use of natural resources, provides a comfortable work and learning environment, is easier to maintain, and less expensive to operate. Passive strategies we employ include building orientation, thermal mass, natural ventilation in the summer and solar heat gain in the winter. These strategies can deliver significant energy savings with virtually no cost if factored in during development of initial design and planning concepts. Key strategies that impact the quality of the learning environment such as glare-free daylighting, healthy indoor air quality and high performance indoor air quality are emphasized.


The BakerNowicki Design Studio actively seeks to develop buildings that are sustainable and environmentally effective on a long-term basis. Through the use of our integrated design processes and tools, projected life cycle costs can also be analyzed early in design, allowing you to make informed decisions based on initial performance and overall life-cycle maintenance and operational costs.


We have completed numerous projects that result in on-site energy production under power purchase agreements and direct purchase agreements with private suppliers and utility companies including photo-voltaic panels that generate 100% of expected daily demand as well as other high-performing features including an EMS system, high-efficiency irrigation system and a cool roof with reflective coatings.

Through our integrated design approach and systems, we help clients investigate, evaluate and implement appropriate responses that respond to their specific project needs. Making better informed decisions early in the planning process can make the difference in a successful implementation of project sustainability goals and reduce overall operational costs for the life of the building.

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