The Carrillo Ranch Park borders this scenic six-acre site along the south of the property providing potential for outdoor learning as well as views and privacy. The design of the school campus plan compliments the established contexts of both the neighboring park and the surrounding new residential developments.

The site is divided into three primary zones. Vehicular traffic is constrained to the West, campus buildings and pedestrian routes are centralized on the site, and field/play areas are concentrated to the East against the boundary slopes. The building design, as did Carrillo’s homestead, extensively utilizes tile-covered walkways to provide an environment oriented to the indoor-outdoor lifestyle of this area.

Administration and multi-purpose areas are adjacent to each other and to parking and drop-off areas. Classroom blocks feature rows of classroom spaces grouped around central shared common areas.

Teaching stations are arranged in a linear fashion. Each classroom has direct access to a central shared resource area. The library is nestled in a quiet courtyard overlooking the Historic Park.


Location: San Marcos, California

District: San Marcos Unified School District

Size: 44,855 SF, 6 Acre Site

Cost: $6.7 M

Completion: 1999


  • Multiple Scales of Instruction
  • Connectivity Between Spaces
  • Learning Occurs In Every Space
Multi-Purpose and Food Service
Bus Drop Off